Experimental Recording

     In partnership with the SlyMe Quartet, we are pleased to offer you free samples from the first experimental session of a new instrument we designed: the trombombone

The trombombone was designed to offer composers unheard sounds by adding to the brass family the ability of creating multiphonic sounds.

     The use of two independent pairs of lips for the creation of the sound and of two slides finally allows this effect to a brass ... and makes the trombombone the instrument with the widest multiphonic sound creation field existing!

    The trombombone's texture-creating, tension-relaxation, phase plays, dissonant or impressive effects abilities make this instrument an ideal tool for film and contemporary music composers seeking new tone possibilities.

Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later.

.wav files available for non Kontakt user.

160 samples - 330Mb

For more information, you can download the user manual.