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All Products Bundle 2024

Get all our instruments for 465€ instead of 1050€

Save 585€ !

Our bundle is designed to :

- be interesting

- be scalable

- avoid duplicate purchases if you already own any inouï instruments

How it works

The bundle costs 50% of the total price of our instruments on December 31st of the previous year.

It also includes without charges all upcoming instruments for the current year.

Do you want to update your bundle?

You pay 50% of the instruments released since your previous purchase, then you have access to all the released instruments and to the ones to come during the year.


It is not a membership: you are buying a lifetime license for our instruments.


Have you already purchased one or several of our instruments?

You can upgrade to the current year’s bundle paying merely 50% of the price of instruments you don’t already own. Contact us at and we will guide you for a customized bundle upgrade.

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