All Products Bundle 2020

Get all our instruments for 285€ instead of 660€

Save 375€ !

Our bundle is designed to :

- Be interesting and make you save quite a lot

- Be scalable so that new releases mean an even better deal for you

- Allow users who already purchased some of our instruments not to buy them a second time


How it works :

Yearly bundle only costs 50% of the price of all our instruments on December 31st of the previous year… and it includes without charges all the instruments released or to be released in the year of purchase.


If next year you wish to upgrade your bundle, then you pay 50% of the instruments released the previous year - you have already been using them as free new releases - and you can use all the instruments released and to be released in this new year.


It is not a membership: you are buying a lifetime license for our instruments.


Since it is not a common deal and perhaps challenging to understand, let’s follow the adventures of Maurice, Claude and Igor to see what would have happened to them if the bundle had already existed in 2018 and 2019:

Maurice finds out about inouï samples after the release of Stac & Slap Sax and considers that the other instruments made by inouï would surely serve his compositions. Thus he purchases the bundle on the 15th of December 2018 and gets all the available instruments to that day for 50% of the price of instruments released on December 31st 2017… Which is to say 60€ instead of 320€ !

Maurice bought a wide catalogue for an absolutely unbeatable price !

Claude heard about inouï samples earlier than Maurice. In the beginning of 2018, he purchased the bundle. He bought Very Close Piano for 60€ instead of 120€ and then got Harmonic Triangles and Stac & Slap Sax without further charges as they were released.

Claude benefited from purchasing in the beginning of 2018, so that he got all the instruments released throughout the year for free !


Igor purchased the 2018 bundle after Harmonic Triangles’ release. He paid 60€ for it like Maurice and Claude ; and he benefited the release of Stac & Slap Sax for free. He has closely followed inouï samples’ updates and had a crush for Shepard Designer. He upgraded his bundle from 2018 to 2019 and paid 50% of the price of the instruments released between January 1st and December 31st 2018 : which is 100€. Doing so he could acquire Breath & Beat Box and now owns the whole inouï samples catalogue except Your Colors.

Igor upgraded a little bundle to a big one without having to pay for instruments he already bought.

Moreover, Maurice, Claude and Igor did all get the Very Close Piano 2 upgrade for free.


Have you already purchased one or several of our instruments?

You can upgrade to the current year’s bundle paying merely 50% of the price of instruments you don’t already own. Contact us at and we will guide you for a customized bundle upgrade.