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Harmonic triangles

     Harmonic Triangles is not just about 4 extremely detailed triangles with many playing techniques: it gives you the choice between natural sounds with indefinite pitch, the same triangles with definite pitch sounds and even minor triangles!

     As a result of acoustic experiments, inouï samples found a way to transform indefinite pitch instruments into definite pitch instruments while maintaining the sound integrity for Harmonic Triangles.

     From recording to sound design, with Harmonic Triangles we offer you a product made with the same sense of detail and precision as we have shown since our first release : Very Close Piano.


     Triangle is out of tune? A lack of homogeneity in your high-pitched instruments? You can finally solve all the problems that used to come along with the triangle through the innovations brought by Harmonic Triangles.


1250+ samples

48kHz / 24 bits (scaled from 96kHz)

4 triangles in three modes

natural, harmonic and minor

5 techniques : Hit (control the beater weight and the impact location), MuteRub, Trill 1 (trill on 2 sides, using mod wheel crossfade)Trill 2 (circular trill on 3 sides, using mod wheel crossfade)

  • 3 to 5 velocity layers depending on techniques

  • XY pad to control the beater weight and the impact location for Hit technique

  • 3 microphone positions : Dynamic (mono), Static (mono), Room (stereo)

  • ADSR envelope

  • Humanize option including round-robins for Mute and Rub techniques & aleatoric options for Hit technique


Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later.

1254 samples - from 930Mb​ to 3.71Gb : size informations

For more information, you can download the user manual.

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