Are you recording instruments with multiple microphones? Do you need to built an instrument with several techniques and/or round robins but you do not have time to code it?

Based on an original idea of composer Romain TROUILLET, Your Colors provides you a sampler allowing you to build advanced instruments simply and without typing any command line!

Bring your samples out of the box, include them into Your Colors and use them with the same power as if it were a publisher's instrument.

You can finally sample everything you like, as you like and use it without limits!

Up to...

6 channels

12 round robins

12 techniques

No samples limit

Import your own .wav samples

Change technique on keyswitch or modwheel for continuous transitioning

and many more helpful little features...

Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher

For more information, you can download the user manual.