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     The Shepard tone is a famous auditory illusion faking an infinite rise or fall - learn more.

     Shepard Designer allows you to create this effect instantly in an unbelievable easy manner.

     The instrument comes with 144 exclusive instrumental sources of great variety, and it even works with your own samples!

Two main knobs allow you to change in real time:

 - the slope direction and speed

 - an amplitude bell to go from the most precise sound to the widest effect.

     Demanding users will find advanced settings to achieve all they need for their productions. Whether you need to produce a mockup in no time or would rather add a finishing touch before sending the final mix, Shepard Designer is the tool of your trade.

Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later.

143 samples - from 35Mb​ to 447Mb : size informations

For more information, you can download the user manual.

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